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How Care Software Helps You In Expanding Your Business

Care Software Excellent Call Management System helps in Acheiving the Complete Customer Satisfaction. Complaint Analysis, Engineer Performance, Engineer Root Chart, Load Chart, Item Used/Replaced,Machine History, Customer History, Product History and many more MIS Reports which will help you to anlyse the Service Levels.

Care Software Manages All AMC/Warranty Records which helps in improving productivity.

Care Software Complete Finance and Accounting Information like Ledger,Trial Balance, BalanceSheet, Payment, Receipt, Journal, Contra, Sale Analysis(Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Annually) and many other reports to improve your Accounting Process.

Care Software Complete Stock Inventory Package for maintaining the Physical Stock, Delivery Challans, Stock Transfers, Indent, Stock Ledger and many other reports.

Care Software Complete Pre-Sales Activity Management which will help in Expanding your hands. All the details like Enquiry, Targets, Executive Follow-Ups, Achievements, Incentives details can be handled easily by using Care Software.

Care Software Order Processing Details like Sales Order, Purchase Order, Pending Sales and Purchase Order.

Care Software Production Planning Control, Defining Production Stages, Raw Material Consumption, Finished Good Declaration, Dismantle Goods.

Care Software Maintaining Photocopier Details like Last Meter Reading, Reading Date, Generating Copier Bills, Updating Copier Details.

Care Software Various MIS Reportings to anlyse the business, Reminder/Alarms, Auto-Backup, User Friendly, And Many More Features to Improve Productivity.
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